Nice Touch Stethoscope Warmer

A Nice Touch for the caring physician

  • Attractive lightweight warming pouch

  • Versatile and easy to use

  • Fits most standard stethoscopes

  • Warmed by oxygen-activated disposable mineral pack

  • Nice Touch warmer packs for the cost of a postage stamp

  • Subscription supply program for warmer packs available

  • An ideal gift

  • Can be personalized

A Warm Touch is a Nice Touch

Doctor Testimonials

  • "Worked out much better than I thought -- much easier to use and the warm stethoscope was frequently noted and appreciated."
  • "Great concept! Have had a good response from patients, especially pediatric."
  • "Excellent idea! Long overdue."
  • "Ingenious invention. A very practical answer for a common problem."
  • "A must for pediatrics. The toy is a great diversion and a warm scope helps the exam go easier."
  • "While some elderly patients would be agitated with the cold stethoscope, they would be perfectly calm with the warm one. Thank you so much for the privilege of using the Nice Touch stethoscope warmer and we hope to continue using it."

Patient Testimonials

  • "It was a welcome surprise - I'd like to buy one for my own doctor."
  • "A very nice change, especially when I was cold."
  • "I was surprised -- it was warm! Thanks for thinking about such a simple thing as your touch."

How the Nice Touch Stethoscope Warmer Works:

  • The warmer pouch slides easily on the tubing of the stethoscope or can be used from a pocket or belt.
  • The warmer pack is activated when exposed to oxygen and fits into a compartment in the warmer pouch to keep the stethoscope head warm.
  • Warmer packs last for up to 12 hours.

A. A variety of colors with ultra-leather and ultra-suede finishes
B. Troll and teddy bear toy options
C. Warmer packs
D. Belt loop
E. Sample of warmer with silk-screened logo imprint


  • The Nice Touch stethoscope warmer makes an ideal gift for the health professional.

  • A real practice builder - an excellent way to demonstrate to your patients you care about them to the last detail!


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Price List

Warmer Pouch

qty 1-9 . . . $17.00/ea
qty 10-49 . . . $15.00/ea
qty 59-99 . . . $14.00/ea
qty 100+ . . . $12.00/ea

Warmer Packs

One month supply (30 packs) . . . $15.00
Three month supply (90 packs) . . . $36.00

Shipping & Handling $4.95 per order; orders over $75 receive free shipping!

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